The importance of cultural heritage | Setu Finau

  About Setu

Setu Finau who is originally from the Pacific Island champions cultures and shared why keeping our cultures alive is so important.

Setu Finau is a passionate advocate for the Pacific Islander community, born and raised amidst the vibrant Samoan culture of New Zealand. His parents, both natives of Samoa, instilled in him a deep love for his heritage that has been a guiding force throughout his life.

In his community, Setu stands as a beacon of leadership. He presides over Pasifika Families Inc., the driving force behind the annual Pasifika Vibes Festival, a vibrant celebration of Māori and Pacific Islander cultures, and the Pasifika Playgroup at Deception Bay North State School, fostering an environment that allows children to connect with their cultural roots.

With his dedication to Family, strong sense of Faith and absolute love for Food & Music, he is highly regarded for his ability to foster unity, promote cultural awareness, and empower young individuals to become responsible community members.