The time is always right to do what is right | Ariana Doolan

  About Ariana

At just 21, Ariana Doolan is an accomplished leader passionate about environmental advocacy and youth empowerment. As the Youth Program Coordinator for Zero Positive for Schools, she educates and engages young minds in climate action. Simultaneously pursuing studies in Environmental Science and Business at Griffith University, Ariana holds the prestigious Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship.

A Climate Anxiety Facilitator for Force of Nature (FoN), Ariana transforms eco-anxiety into action through workshops. Her involvement extends to research for Griffith University's Climate Action Student Fellowship program and leadership roles in the Pumicestone electorate's Youth Advisory Council and Zero Positive for Schools' Youth Advisory Board 'GenZero.'

Ariana, inspired by her teaching professional parents, envisions a collaborative approach to address climate issues. Despite her competitive nature, she emphasizes education's transformative power, encouraging fellow youth to realize their potential. In her final year, Ariana aspires to postgraduate studies, eyeing scholarships at prestigious institutions like Cambridge or Oxford Rhodes. She embodies a commitment to positive change, serving as a beacon for sustainable practices and intergenerational solutions.