I dream of Thailand | Thai-Australian Association of Queensland Inc.

  About TAAQ

The Thai Australian Association of Queensland reached out to the Rich Dreams team about their dream of ensuring that they could preserve their culture, language and tradition through their kids.

Not only did they see this event as the perfect platform for them to plant this seed towards this dream, but they also believed that by participating, it would help the dreams of the kids come true by performing and inspiring others at a world class venue like the Brisbane City Hall.

Because of this, the Thai community liaised with our team from the very beginning planning stages of this Rich Dreams event and they more than anything also helped to ensure that we could not only have our 300sqm red carpets manufactured in Thailand, but they made sure to handle the logistics aspects of things to ensure it arrived in time for our magical night.

The kids from the Thai community showcased their dreams and cultures with all the dreamers in attendance and those tuning in online. As they wanted to ensure that they received a proper welcoming, the Thai community prepared a traditional parade to welcome them. This can be watched in the Thai Parade video segment from our video library.