Post-Event Responsibilities

Following the conclusion of your Rich Dreams event, attending to post-event duties becomes pivotal for the success of future gatherings. While taking a well-deserved break, completing the subsequent checklist ensures a seamless transition and lays the foundation for upcoming Rich Dreams events.

Post-Event Checklist:

• Share your Rich Dreams Attendee Survey.
• Take note of data privacy policies set by your venue or local government.
• Utilize the designated video uploading tool to share Rich Dreams videos. Refer to the provided Video + Photography section for comprehensive uploading instructions.
• Ensure all necessary event details are listed on your online profile.
• Publish Event Photos on a Designated Platform and share with your attendees.
• Share all event snapshots on the specified platform, as outlined in the Video + Photography section.

Revitalize Your Rich Dreams Event Page:

• Keep your Rich Dreams event page current by incorporating a fresh photo from the event and embedding your video playlist URL once they have been uploaded.
S• hare adaptable resources, program schedules, code snippets, or insights on your Rich Dreams Platform for the benefit of your community.

Planning for Upcoming Events:

When contemplating future Rich Dreams events, factor in event sustainability and plan proactively:

• Evaluate your inclination and capacity to organize future events.
• Identify potential successors within your team.
• Dedicate time to their growth and provide leadership opportunities.
• Attend a qualifying event to inspire potential successors.

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