Understanding your audience

Forming the audience for the Rich Dreams event goes beyond mere attendance; it's about building a community of dreamers integral to the essence of Rich Dreams. The careful targeting of participants emphasizes diversity across demographics, ethnicity, and backgrounds. Consider the following checklist:

• Does the audience belong to the local community hosting Rich Dreams?
• Are they diverse in demographics, ethnicity, and background?
• Do they share an interest in the event's theme, topics, or showcasing dreamers?
• Do they value community-building and deep conversations?
• Could they be profoundly impacted by Rich Dreams in a life-changing or world-changing way?
• Will they carry the event's dream-inspiring ideas into the world?

Simplify the targeting process by employing an application form, where potential attendees convey their commitment. The form should outline the event's specifics: size, location, theme, the inclusion of live speakers or pre-recorded talks, and ticketing details. Due to space constraints, make it clear that not all individuals are guaranteed a ticket.

For communities less acquainted with Rich Dreams or smaller events, consider open ticketing, allowing attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. In handling rejected individuals, use a considerate template to guide your communication.

Post-targeting, ongoing engagement becomes paramount. Cultivate a sense of community through social media interactions, encouraging public participation. Consistent email updates, showcasing speaker announcements and dream-inspiring content, maintain excitement. Encourage interaction by posing questions, initiating discussions, and sparking enthusiasm for the upcoming Rich Dreams event.

Consider incorporating dream-inspired adventures, pre- or post-event activities that immerse attendees in hands-on experiences related to local interests or past/future dream-weavers. These activities are designed to enhance community engagement, building anticipation for the transformative ideas to be shared at the Rich Dreams event. Welcome all dreamers who share the vision of Rich Dreams to join this inspiring journey.

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