Selecting a venue

Choosing the right venue for your Rich Dreams event is like picking the perfect canvas for a masterpiece. It sets the tone, shapes the experience, and ultimately inspires the dreams of your attendees. So, how do you find the venue that sparks creativity and ignites imagination? Here are some guiding principles to help you cultivate the perfect stage:

Embrace Intimacy and Connection:

Size Matters: Opt for a space that fosters a sense of closeness and shared experience. While spaciousness is important, aim for an atmosphere where your dreamers can easily connect, mingle, and feel part of a vibrant community.
Comfort Is Key: Ensure the space offers comfortable seating arrangements, adequate air circulation, and proper acoustics. Remember, your attendees will be spending several hours here, so prioritize their physical and emotional well-being.

Align with the essence of both your organisation and Rich Dreams

Mirror Your Organisation: Let the venue reflect the spirit of your organisation and the atmosphere for your Rich Dreams event.
Less is More: Avoid overly ornate or distracting venues. While some embellishments can be charming, opt for a setting that enhances the experience without competing for attention.

Be Budget-Conscious and Resourceful

Work With What You Have: Before considering external venues, explore the potential spaces your organisation may have that could be suitable for your Rich Dreams event. You would be surprise!
Know Your Limits: If you need to hire a venue, work closely with your budget manager to define what you can realistically afford. Explore options like negotiating deals, seeking sponsorships, or collaborating with other organizations to secure budget-friendly spaces.
Think Outside the Box: Consider non-traditional venues like art galleries, community centers, or even outdoor amphitheaters. You might be surprised at the hidden gems you discover with a little creativity!
Insurance and Complainces: Ensure you obtain the necessary insurances in align with your Rich Dreams event and your venue. Educate yourself and be sure to brief your team about any compliances the venue may have.

Beyond the Basics

While standard amenities like AV equipment, bathrooms, and catering space are essential, consider your audience's needs and tailor your venue accordingly. Think about:

Interactive Spaces: Are there opportunities for creative expression, like interview sessions or art installations?
Accessibility: Is the venue wheelchair-accessible? Does it offer ample parking or public transportation options? Ensuring inclusivity for all dreamers is crucial.
Tech-Savvy Touches: Consider your audience's tech savviness. Can you integrate interactive technology to enhance the experience?


Choosing the right venue is not just about ticking boxes – it's about setting the stage for a transformative journey. Opt for a space that aligns with your vision, sparks imagination, and fosters a vibrant community of dreamers. With careful planning and a dash of creativity, you can find the perfect canvas to paint your Rich Dreams event into a masterpiece of inspiration.

Bonus Tip

Take time to visit potential venues in person and imagine your event unfolding there. Feel the energy, visualize the interactions, and trust your gut instinct. The right venue will whisper possibilities to your heart.

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