Rich Dreams event rules

Where every dreamer walks the red carpet

As a Rich Dreams event organizer, you play a crucial role in crafting a magical experience where inspiration ignites and dreams take flight. To ensure everything runs smoothly and safely, let's delve into the rules that keep the magic flowing:

Building the Dream Stage:
A red carpet experience: Rich Dreams events are where every dreamer walks the red carpet towards their dreams. Ensure to deliver a red carpet experience for every dreamer in celebration of their potential!
Brand consistency: Keep your event materials and communication aligned with the official Rich Dreams branding guidelines. Remember, we stand united in empowering dreamers!
Finance transparency: Hosting a Rich Dreams event is done on a voluntarily basis. You may not use your event to make money or raise funds for other charities or other organizations. All funds from ticket sales should go towards event and operating costs.
On stage dreamers expectations: Follow the guidelines for dreamers who are speaking, performing or presenting on stage. Remember, they are the beacons who light the way!
Partnership harmony: Establish clear expectations and communication protocols with vendors, sponsors, and partners. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Keeping the Dream Flowing:
Safety first: Ensure your venue adheres to all safety regulations. Have clear emergency procedures and ensure your team is briefed with the appropriate protocols.
Accessibility focus: Make your event accessible to all. Consider physical limitations, dietary needs, and alternative communication methods. Let no dream be left behind!
Respectful interactions: Promote a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behavior. Foster a space where everyone feels safe to dream aloud.
Technical backup: Be prepared for hiccups! Have backup plans for audio-visual equipment, power outages, and internet disruptions. Don't let glitches dim the dreamlight!

Sharing the Dream Shine:
Promotional spark: Use appropriate marketing materials inline with the brand guideline and channels to spread the word about your event. Remember, the more dreamers, the brighter the future!
Social media synergy: Encourage attendees to share their experiences using the official hashtag. Let the dream ripples reach far and wide!
Feedback loop: Gather feedback from attendees and on stage dreamers alike. Learn, adapt, and keep making your event a dream come true!

Topics to Avoid for Rich Dreams Events:
While Rich Dreams events celebrate ambition and personal growth, certain topics can detract from the positive and inspiring atmosphere we strive to create. Here's a guide to navigate:

Controversial and Polarizing Subjects:

Politics and Religion: While the mentioning of religion and political dreams are allowed, avoid converting others or gain political support. Focus on themes that offer universal appeal and unites individuals under the shared belief that dreams do come true.
Social Issues with Strong Opposing Views: While discussing social issues and promoting awareness is important, avoid topics that might lead to arguments or negative emotions. Instead, focus on fostering empathy and understanding through constructive dialogue.
Sensitive Personal Stories: Personal stories can be powerful tools for inspiration, but sharing traumatic experiences or triggering topics might be uncomfortable for some attendees. Encourage sharing within respectful boundaries and emphasize emotional well-being.

Topics Not Aligned with the Rich Dreams Mission

Negative and Cynical Views: Rich Dreams focuses on empowering individuals to chase their dreams. Topics that promote negativity, pessimism, or cynicism contradict this core value.
Excessive Focus on Material Success: While achieving financial goals can be part of one's dream, overly emphasizing wealth or materialism can overshadow the deeper, intrinsic motivations for pursuing dreams.
Promoting Unethical or Harmful Practices: Topics that condone or glamorize harmful behavior, illegal activities, or unethical practices have no place at Rich Dreams events.

Topics Not Suitable for a Diverse Audience:

Offensive Humor or Stereotypes: Jokes or language that are offensive, discriminatory, or perpetuate harmful stereotypes are inappropriate and can create an uncomfortable environment for attendees.
Inappropriate Content: Avoid topics that are sexually suggestive, violent, or promote illegal activities. Maintain a family-friendly and professional atmosphere.
Focus on Specific Professional or Academic Fields: While niche topics can be interesting, focus on themes that resonate with a broad audience from diverse backgrounds and interests.
Unsupported claims and facts: Ensure every claim or facts shared on the stage unless they are personal experiences are supported and backed by research.

• These are guidelines, not rigid rules. Use your judgment and consider the specific context of your event and audience when making decisions.
• The goal is to create a space where everyone feels welcome, heard, and inspired to pursue their dreams.
• Prioritize topics that foster positivity, inclusivity, and personal growth.

These rules are your compass, guiding you towards a successful and impactful Rich Dreams event. By adhering to them, you create a space where dreams flourish, connections form, and possibilities take flight. By choosing appropriate and inspiring topics, you can ensure your Rich Dreams event is a truly transformative experience for all participants.

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