Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Team:

Lead Organizer: The visionary captain of the ship, responsible for overseeing the entire event concept, budget, and execution. Coordinates with all team leads and ensures adherence to Rich Dreams guidelines.
Curator: Selects and manages the lineup of inspiring speakers, performers, and workshop facilitators who will ignite the dreams of attendees. Ensures diversity of voices and perspectives.
Executive Producer: Orchestrates the technical aspects of the event, including stage management, audio/visual, lighting, and live streaming. Collaborates with the venue and technical vendors.
Event Manager: Mastermind of the logistics, responsible for venue set-up, ticketing, registration, volunteer coordination, and overall attendee experience. Ensures smooth flow and operational efficiency.
Sponsorships and Budget Manager: Secures funding through sponsorships and partnerships, manages the event budget, and ensures financial accountability. Tracks expenses and reports financial performance.

Core Team:

Marketing and Communications Lead: Creates and implements the marketing strategy to generate excitement and reach target audiences. Manages social media, website content, and media relations.
Designer: Develops the visual identity of the event, including branding, logo, website design, and promotional materials. Creates a cohesive and impactful visual experience.
Website Manager: Develops and maintains the event website, ensuring user-friendly functionality and accessibility. Updates website content with news, speaker profiles, and registration information.
Volunteer Coordinator: Recruits, trains, and manages volunteers, assigning roles and responsibilities. Provides support and ensures a positive volunteer experience.
Backstage Crew: Assists with stage management, speaker preparation, equipment setup, and other behind-the-scenes tasks. Ensures a smooth and efficient backstage operation.
Social Media Mavens: Manage and monitor social media channels during the event, amplifying excitement, sharing real-time updates, and engaging with online audiences.
Photography and Videography Team: Captures the magic of the event through photos and videos for promotional purposes, documentation, and future storytelling.


• These roles can be combined or expanded depending on the size and complexity of your event.
• Encourage team members to collaborate and support each other, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.
• Provide clear communication channels and regular updates to keep everyone informed and aligned.

By defining these roles and responsibilities, you can build a well-organized and passionate team that will propel your Rich Dreams event to success, igniting the sparks of countless dreams across your community!

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